Tri Tip Grill’s signature cut came from chef and steakhouse owner, John Pickerel, whose lifework was dedicated to perfecting his unique and delicious recipes. While working in California, John showcased his creations at a chefs’ market in Napa Valley. His tri tip sandwiches were the hit of the market, producing an exceptionally noticeable weekly line. The market’s owner, Jim Apple, was captivated by John's work and fully convinced that his genius should be shared with the world. Ten years and seven restaurants later, the Buckhorn Grill was among the most popular upscale, quick-service restaurants in all of the Golden State. In March of 2010, John and Jim partnered with New York entrepreneur Dave Kassling to create Tri Tip Grill, showcasing John’s renowned cut of beef, beloved signature salads and mouthwatering sides. New Yorkers of discerning taste, get ready, your eating habits are about to change.
What is Char-Roasted Tri Tip?
What is Tri Tip, besides the best cut of beef you probably never heard of? Tri Tip comes from a part of the sirloin that is incredibly flavorful, tender and lean. Our signature cut comes from Certified Angus Beef and is aged for 21 days; then it's rubbed in a specialty marinade and craft seasoning before being charred over a roaring wood fire and finished in a wood smoker and oven for a result that's au so juicy. One tri will raise your standards for a good steak dinner, steak lunch, steak salad or a good steak sandwich for that matter. Perhaps the best news for steak lovers, arbiters of flavor, and anybody with taste buds: Tri Tip is prepared for you in about five minutes.