Tri Tip Grill's Tuesday Special is a Feast for Three: Midtown Lunch

...On to the food itself. Tri Tip's mashed potatoes are the real deal, skins and all, and as for the steak… as my husband said "the trouble with steak is that you really could just keep eating it." The tri tip itself was juicy, tender and well marbled (mmm…fatty bits) and the leftovers reheated well. If you get just one friend together you can make this a Midtown Lunch and completely gorge yourself. Make that two friends and you have a seriously good deal. The promo runs through the end of the summer and is available at lunch and dinner time on Tuesdays only.

Best Steak Sandwich in NYC: The Conquest

I am about to ramble on in my normal way about fun stories, back ground information, taste description and food porn. While my ego appreciates your full attention to everything you are about to read, honestly all you need to know is that you need to run, not walk, to Tri-Tip right this very moment and sink your teeth into the best steak sandwich in NYC. Please feel free to return to this after doing so and continue reading.

Metromix New York: Tri Tip Grill

New Yorkers can be a little less jealous of California's food scene. It might not be In-N-Out Burger, but Cali based chain Tri Tip Grill now has an outpost in Rockefeller Center. West coast steak lovers have long drooled over the meaty namesake, which is a triangular-shaped sirloin cut. Their East coast menu is a carnivore's delight, Tri Tip's certified Angus goodies are all aged for 21 days before hitting the grill. Their signature Big Buck Tri Tip sandwich might be juicy enough for a steakhouse, but it's cheap enough to scarf when you need a lunchtime beef fix—most items on the menu are priced under $10. If you're not feelin' some cow, Tip also cooks chicken, salmon, and portobello in their kitchen's char-roasting station. All of the take away items can be enjoyed with the other beef fanatics in their faux-rustic-ranch outpost. Hee-haw!

Tri Tip Grill May Be the Best Thing in Rock

Two very important things happened to Midtown yesterday. 1) We got the Double Down (and Mamacita immediately improved it), and 2) we got steak sandwiches! While I loves me some fried chicken, biscuits, cheese, and bacon, I love steak more. I especially like when it's a somewhat affordable lunch. Tri Tip Grill is probably the most important thing to happen to Rockefeller Center since the ice rink, and maybe NBC calling it home, and the tree; so it's the 4th most important thing. But it's number one in most delicious and juicy!

Tri Tip Grill: Specialized Meat From a First-Timer

When striking out into unknown territory, it's wise to bring someone along who knows the lay of the land, and even wiser to kill them once you're comfortable on your own, cause sharing hidden treasure is for suckers. Leveraging a veteran restaurateur's knowledge and generously letting him live, the dude behind Tri Tip Grill, opening Monday.

Tri Tip Grill Brings the Beef to 30 Rock

The founders of California restaurant chain Buckhorn Grill just set a date to unveil their aspiring sandwich chain. Tri Trip Grill opens April 12 in Rockefeller Center's underground concourse.